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“Stand!” and “Stand! (Reprise)” – Jackson 5 (some of them, anyway)

From the 1970 Forum show

WEEKEND ADDENDUM: While you soak up the story below, here is a way to hear - and see! - the Jackson 5 perform "Stand!" a few months before the Forum show. Like “Thank You Falettinme…” and "Sing A Simple Song," it’s another J5 cover of a great Sly & the Family Stonesong. (Enjoy the links with your BBQ.)

Today’s Forum story…. is all about the J5’s regular opening number that somehow does not open the new Live At The Forum album.

  Astute fans, like J5Collector, noticed right away that “Stand!,” the group’s regular opening number, was missing from the track list when the Forum album release was first announced. Its exclusion was a by-product of the 1970 show’s technical difficulties – Jermaine’s vocal mic was off, his bass amp was inaudible, and the show had to be stopped for several minutes while the sound crew scrambled to fix everything.

 Imagine! Their big moment, ready for lift-off, the crowd ready to explode – and instead the Jackson 5 had to stand by. Their family was waiting in the audience; Motown execs were fuming; the crowd, after waiting through two opening acts, had begun to creep toward the stage. During the break the emcee, KJLH disc jockey Rick Holmes, encouraged calm while offering J5 trivia: Jackie had graduated high school the day before. The J5 then tried “Stand!” again, to no avail.

 Loyal fans, today you can hear a brief representation of the first, fumbling “Stand!,” followed by the full reprise. Listen carefully to the fadeout: a helpful audience member pleads, “Sing ‘I Want You Back’!”

 Which the band did. But there were still some issues with Jermaine’s amp; notice the difference in the bass sound between this and the 1972 show. MJ pointed out the remaining problem at the end of “I Want You Back” – pretty bold for an 11-year-old, or an artist of any age, on his first major tour. It’s fascinating that he didn’t comment off-mic; he said “What’s wrong with his amp?” loud enough for the entire Forum to hear. And he didn’t follow up with another question. He stated “You don’t know” with withering authority, befitting a full-grown man with years of onstage experience. Young Michael’s months of watching the greats at Motown had provided him with a key truth: if you’re going to do it, do it well.

Happy July 4th! 

Monday: More MJ solo.

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