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“Don’t Know Why I Love You (Live at the Forum)” – Jackson 5

Excerpt from Live at the Forum – Disc 1 (1970)

 Today’s Forum story:

 As mentioned, the Jackson 5 recorded several cover versions for their first two albums and performed quite a few of them on their first national tour. “Don’t Know Why I Love You” was a hidden gem by the J5 on their ABC album that became an unexpected tour-de-force for Michael at the Forum show; dig how the backgrounds come in, too. It was one of three cover versions of Stevie Wonder songs they’d cut by then; the other two were “My Cherie Amour” (on the first album) and “Never Had A Dream Come True” (on ABC).

 Stevie’s original “Don’t Know Why I Love You” first appeared on his album For Once In My Life – as “I Don’t Know Why” – then was picked as a single in January 1969, when the title was switched. The single’s B-side was a new song: “My Cherie Amour.” Don’t Know Why” hit the top 40, but was overshadowed by the runaway success of the flip side.

 A 5ive footnote for fans: “My Cherie Amour” was originally in the Jackson 5 live set, as – surprisingly – the second song performed at the Philly show, right after “Stand!” By the Forum show it was dropped in favor of the “other side,” and “I Want You Back” was moved up from fourth.

Tomorrow: “Don’t wanna let you go…”

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